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Emission Legal Engines

L-69 (305 H.O.) E.L. Build Sheet

For a good rebuild, top quality machining is a requirement.  However, if you use your SS is a daily driver, you probably cannot afford to have your car sitting for weeks without an engine sitting between the fenders.  Because of this, I have decided to forego rebuilding the bottom end and attempt to provide you with "Stages" of building up a decent performer with Bolt-on parts.  

Each Stage is a one year plan budgeting roughly $1200 each year ($100 a month) on your car's performance.  Furthermore, each step in a Stage is something you should be able to accomplish in a typical weekend, or a partial week at worst.  Depending on your skills as a Shade tree mechanic, some of this work you may wish to farm out to your Machinist, Exhaust Shop, or Mechanic.  NOTHING is so difficult that the average person with basic skills cannot accomplish by himself.

All Emissions are retained in this Buildup and are designed towards passing California Emissions testing.  Since California has the toughest testing in the U.S. this buildup should pass any states emissions laws.  This does NOT mean however, that it will.  You MUST check you local state laws to verify that there are no idiosyncrasies that will cause you to fail. I won't even try to stay on top of each states emissions laws, so I will not guarantee this buildup in ANY state! (Hey things change each year !)

  L69 Buildup Stage 1 Getting the SS into the low 15's
  L69 Buildup Stage 2 Getting the SS into the high 14's
  L69 Buildup Stage 3 Getting the SS into the low 14's
  L69 Buildup Extreme What else can be done to improve the L69

SBC 350 E.L. Build Sheet

 350 E.L. Build  Getting your 350 powered SS into the mid 14's to low 13's

SBC 383 Stroker E.L. Build Sheet

 383 Stroker  Getting your 383 Stroker SS into the low 14's to high 12's

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