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1988 Monte Carlo SS

LS1/T56 Change-over page

September 2001 Project Updates

09/04/01  Air Conditioning works after lots of effort!

Unfortunately none of the A/C compressor end hoses that I obtained from a local wrecking yard would properly fit-up to the LT1 R134A revised compressor rear fittings due to a slight offset on the high pressure side of the fitting connection.  This view compares the LS1/LT1 type rear compressor fitting (red arrow points to offset) on the left versus the stock G-body fitting on the right.  This meant plan "B", have a hose set fabricated to fit using the proper LT1 compressor end with new mating hose ends to match up with my existing connections at the accumulator and condenser.

09/10/01  Tach & speedo now read correctly!

I took my car to Tacoma Speedometer and had Mark (one of the owners) work a little magic with my slow reading tachometer and non-functional speedo.

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