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October 2002 Project Updates

Drag Strip performance:
I took the car out to Bremerton Raceways in Bremerton, Washington on a Friday night after work to get a few runs in on the last day of "Test & Tune" to see how the new ported heads performed.  Much to my disappointment traction with street tires was terrible, especially between the 100' mark and about 300' out.  My 60' time was actually one of my fastest to date thanks to the 4.10 gears, however, once the RPM got past ~4500 RPM in 1st gear the tires just started roasting.  I could not shift the car hard into 2nd gear without just about losing it entirely as the rear tires violently broke loose.  And to top matters off, when I finally was able to control the traction a bit better, the new found horsepower caused the clutch to begin losing its grip and started slipping while shifting from 2nd to 3rd and then 3rd to 4th gear.  The following run represents the best traction/clutch limited run of the evening:  

60' 2.099
330' 5.590
1/8 8.372
MPH 90.23
1000 10.733
1/4 12.684
MPH 115.88

This time only represents a -0.03 ET improvement and +2 MPH gain due to the poor run.  Overall I certainly can't complain at the fact that even with these times the car still just flat rips for street tires and closed exhaust.  I know that the car has so much more potential that I will have to tweak this combo a bit more.  I guess there's always next season with a new clutch a few suspension mods and stickier tires!  It's time to put a new clutch in next month :>(

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