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October 2001 Project Updates

I apologize for not maintaining updates for the past 30 days, however, since my last update was on 9-10-01 and due to recent world events and a two week vacation I haven't spent much time with things here.

10/11/01  Reverse back-up lights & Misc. updates
I needed to connect the rear back-up lights so that they would be functional.

Emissions Testing
I couldn't resist the temptation to see if the car would pass the tailpipe emissions test here in Washington State so I drove the car to a local Test Station and had it tested.   The results:

The LS1 goes to the racetrack!
When I returned from vacation I just had to take the car to the track!  I couldn't wait any longer!  I really wanted to dyno the car first but I didn't have time and the weather was great!  The results from Seattle International Raceway (S.I.R.):

Dyno results
I just dynoed the car last night at Turbo Technology Inc and the power levels were a little higher than I thought based on my track MPH.  The results:

Right now I am analyzing my ATAP data and note that the car is running a bit lean at part throttle which is causing the A/F ratio to be a bit rich at wide open throttle (WOT).   This is causing the timing to retard a bit thus costing me HP.  My next investment will be a MAF Translator to enable me to fine tune both part throttle and WOT A/F ratio's.

10/31/01 Another run at the track this past weekend

I added a '02 Z06 Screenless MAF to my car since it has the IAT sensor built into it thus enabling me to fully utilize the PCM IAT function rather than using the 1/2 watt resistor to simulate a constant 57* intake air temperature.  Unfortunately I really didn't have much tuning time at the track with the MAF Translator (MAFT) so the results weren't much better than before....actually only .03 seconds quicker than last time out and 0.09 MPH slower.  What's interesting is that with this new MAF, the car will now just roast the tires from a 20 MPH roll in 1st gear on the street with dry pavement where it didn't before!  ATAP data recorded during the drag strip runs indicated that I was still not getting full timing during WOT and still running rich.  Here's the latest best results which verify the bottom end is a bit stronger:

60' 2.228
330' 5.905
1/8 8.920
MPH 82.54
1000 11.526
1/4 13.711
MPH 103.59

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