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1988 Monte Carlo SS

LS1/T56 Change-over page

November 2002 Project Updates

New clutch:
After reviewing many different clutch set-ups and receiving feedback from multiple users I finally decided on the package available from Cartek in Garwood, New Jersey. Their package consists of a new bronze/ceramic clutch disc, heavy duty pressure plate, pre-bled modified hydraulics with DOT5 master with adjustable pedal rod and slave. Here is a pic below:

Traction Improvements
I am exploring major traction improvement options and the first step that I decided on was installing a larger rear sway bar.  This serves a two-fold purpose, not only will the car handle better when cornering but for straight line drag racing the larger and significantly stiffer bar helps keep the body from twisting by keeping both rear lower control arms parallel to each other when launching. I selected the 1-3/8" diameter sway bar from ATR Performance.  Here is a picture comparing the stock SS sway bar (on top) with the huge aftermarket unit (bottom):


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