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1988 Monte Carlo SS

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November 2001 Project Updates

11/10/01 Dyno results
I dynoed the car again at Turbo Technology Inc after tweaking the MAFT to dial in the ZO6 MAF correctly.  

The best results really are with the 3rd run based on the torque.  The 300RWHP - 315RWTQ run is a net increase of 13RWHP and 15RWTQ from the last dyno session so I'm very happy with the results.

Phase II next steps

With Phase I now basically complete, modifications of the LS1 in pursuit of more HP will begin!  The following items are on order:

This should take care of the intake tract.  I will also look into a ported throttle body.  Installation of these components should take place over the Christmas Holiday!

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