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1988 Monte Carlo SS

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March 2002 Project Updates

Cold Air Intake
As I begin the fine tuning process I have observed that my Intake Air Temperature (IAT) as measured by the PCM using my ATAP software and laptop typically reads about 25 to 30 above the outside ambient temperature.  This is not good!  On cold days it should be cold and it really isn't.  I tried several approaches to resolve this:

LS1_Edit Software
I loaded up my software and deleted my trouble codes and everything works great!  I will be doing more fuel/air/timing fine tuning shortly.

Exhaust system components
I am still waiting for the completion of the merge collector fabrication before I start the header fabrication to minimize vehicle downtime.  Hopefully the collectors should be available within several weeks.  I also ordered a pair of Car Sound model number 93009 catalytic converters.  These are one of the highest flowing CATs available in 3" diameter flowing 482 CFM @ 20" water.

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