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March 2001 Project Updates

03/07/01  General update

I have been busy with many things for the past 3 weeks unfortunately not many of them dealing with the project at hand.  Here's what has taken place:

My big effort this week and next will be to get the motor mounts finished up and fit-up the T56 with the proper hole locations for the shifter.   Yikes!  I guess now I finally do have to cut up some sheetmetal!  I will also be building the final configuration of the transmission cross-member using the kit I purchased from Chris Alston's Chassisworks, Inc.

03/13/01  Engine mounting pads

Thanks to the work done last week I was able to mark-up the exact location of the reworked F-body LS1 engine mounts on the 1/4" wood pads and transferred this data to a plastic mounting plate template.

Work is also proceeding with the 2nd oil pan configuration.  It is currently cut per my latest design and will be welded in the next day or two.  Should have pics by this weekend I hope!

03/15/01  2nd design modified F-body oil pan update

You can tell things are beginning to get serious!   Two WebPages updates within a week!  Just picked up the 2nd design modified oil pan and all I can say is NICE!  The fit and finish of the pan is absolutely sweet!

I should have the metal motor mount pads back from the fabricator by the first part of next week.  I will begin reviewing cuts to the floor now for the T56 shifter placement.

03/17/01  Fuel lines

After reviewing options for connecting the C5 dual line fuel rail that I will be using I stopped by a wrecking yard this weekend to review OEM G-body fuel line configurations.  My car currently has a 3/8" fuel line and 1/4" return line both located and running the length of the passenger frame channel.   Since I plan on also using the '97-'98 Fuel Rail Covers (FRC's) to make this ugly duckling of a motor look presentable I will need fuel lines on the drivers side.  I found that the Olds & Buick G-body's have a 3/8" drivers side fuel line.   Just what the doctor ordered!

Hopefully you will see marked improvement in the digital image quality from now on.  I finally broke down and bought a new 1.3M pixel digital camera for $100 to get better picture quality.

03/25/01  Motor Mounts & Clutch Pedal

I picked up the pieces from the metal fabricator this week and went to work with the final fit-up of the motor mounts and tried the new pedal in the clutch fixture.

I also received the original clutch pedal adapter bracket for the hydraulic clutch which I designed for use with the stock G-body pedal for use with either a SBC T5 or LT1/LS1 - T56 from the metal fabricator this week.  It is fabricated out of 3/16" plate which was cut on an abrasive waterjet for a real nice cut.  I ran a limited production run of 5 of them.   For those interested I will sell these for $20 each (I'll include shipping) until they are gone.  Please e-mail me if interested.

With the success of the 2nd design F-body LS1 oil pan the labor required to modify the oil pick-up is no longer needed.  This will result in a $75 price reduction so for those interested in a true bolt-in G-body LS1 oil pan the new price will be $250 + shipping (~$25 depending on location)!

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