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June 2001 Project Updates

06/03/01  Miscellaneous parts/prep

I still have quite a few odds and ends to take care of so I started this weekend with a trip to one of the local auto salvage yards.

06/04/01  Driver side exhaust manifold rework

The drivers side LS1 exhaust manifold needs the oxygen sensor relocated.

One of the last fitment issues (besides the A/C compressor) is the passenger side coil bracket.  This will be my next focus.

06/06/01  Passenger side coil bracket final modification

I reworked the passenger side coil bracket to re-orient the #8 ignition coil and also trimmed the end of the coil bracket for additional clearance at the AC/heater shroud.

Hopefully when I put the motor back in the car the clearance should be more than adequate based on my preliminary measurements.

06/16/01  A/C Compressor Bracketry

With all of the piece parts painted I moved on to resolve the last major fit-up problem, the A/C compressor.

I stopped by another local wrecking yard this weekend to pick up a mid '80s Olds G-body A/C compressor hose assembly and condenser with the passenger side fittings for proper connection to the newly located A/C compressor.

06/17/01  Fuel line blueprinting

I am ready to begin final fitment of the fuel system on the frame, however, I want to blueprint the fuel system to eliminate any possible restriction points prior to final installation.

06/24/01  A/C Bracket

Not much progress to report this week.  The aluminum bracket pieces were finally cut this week ready for preliminary fit-up.

I will take the pieces to the welder this week.  All fabrication efforts for engine/trans fitment are now complete except for the air intake ducting!  Unfortunately I don't think my June end goal for firing the motor up will be met :>(  Hopefully I can get things close by July 9th since I will be out of town for 3 weeks after that date.

06/24/01  A/C Bracket welded assembly

Picked up the completed weldment tonight from the welder.

Following the bracket completion it will be on to the fuel lines, fuel pump and gas tank for final installation!

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