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July 2002 Project Updates

Header coating is complete!
It seemed like forever (four full weeks!) to get my headers back but they're here and look very nice!  The installation was pretty straight forward.  I had to undo both motor mount bolts and the transmission mount so that I could jack up the motor and shift it slightly.  No biggie though, I put both headers in place by myself within 15 minutes once the bolts were undone!

The next big chore was fabricating the balance of the exhaust system.  Lots of fabrication (cutting, welding, and grinding) this month!  The final exhaust system configuration consists of dual 3.5" exhaust pipe entering the Dr. Gas "X" pipe and then transitioning the pipe to 3" diameter to enter the 3" inlet/outlet DynoMax Super Turbo mufflers and finally the 3" tailpipes.  I elected to build the front head pipes mating to the headers with four bolt 3/8" thick flanges matching the 4 hole header collector gaskets and also added flanges behind the "X" pipe so that the whole head pipe assembly could be removed to facilitate easy transmission removal.  This pic shows how well the flanges came out by using an Abrasive Water Jet to trim them to match the gaskets.  I also need to be able to install the Carsound Catalytic converters for emissions testing so I actually fabricated a 2nd front pipe section in 3" diameter with the CAT's welded in and fabricated my own "X" pipe with rear flanges for easy removal/installation with the 3.5" "off road" head pipe assembly.

As for the tailpipes, I didn't like the welded on tailpipe hanger tabs at the rear of the tailpipes as provided by Torque Technologies (TT).  This view shows a side by side comparison between the "as fabricated" pipe hanger tab by TT on the left pic and on the right pic my revised look after cutting their welded tab off, grinding the pipe smooth and painting it.  I then fabricated my own "stealth" tailpipe hanger clamps using the OEM Buick GN/TR tailpipe hanger brackets for support just in front of the fuel tank.

So what does this exhaust system sound like?  AWESOME!  Very unique tone due to the size, the "X" pipe, and the LS1 engine firing order.  Here are some sound clips below to enjoy.  The files are a little big (up to 1.3MB) but I didn't want to compromise the quality since I used a professional sound mic to record these:

And how does it perform?  It definitely sets your cheeks back!  Expect big results in next months update!!!

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