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January 2001 Project Updates

01/01/01  Third test fit of LS1, this time without the passenger side coils & coil bracket on:

I removed the passenger side coil bracket, coils and plug wires on the LS1 to verify clearance between the valve cover/cylinder head on the passenger and the A/C-heater cover shroud.

My next debate now is since I will be cutting and welding the back of the engine saddle, should I just notch the right front portion of the saddle to clear the A/C compressor.  I guess a lot here will depend on what I hear back from Street and Performance.

01/02/01  Update on A/C compressor bracketry and oil pan fit-up interference:

01/07/01  Additional component removal and general update:

I am still exploring two options on my oil pan fit-up dilemma, modification of the F-body pan and test fitting a C5 Corvette oil pan.  I am currently negotiating for a Vette pan right now.  I have also contacted a seasoned aluminum fabricator to look at the F-body pan.  I have also ruled out using a Holden LS1 oil pan since the sump is in the wrong location.  I'll update things here as they develop.  Meanwhile, I am continuing to remove/modify items as necessary to facilitate the swap:

01/13/01  Preliminary work for fuel system:

I went to a local wrecking yard today to find the fuel system components that I will need, primarily a fuel injected car gas tank and fuel lines.

01/20/01  Oil pan removal and clutch pedal fit-up:

I am still waiting for the C5 oil pan.  In the mean time I figure that I had better explore one of my back-up positions to this which is notching my existing F-body oil pan.  I removed the pan from the LS1 motor and test fitted it again for final marking in the car.  I also began the initial fit-up of the manual clutch and brake pedals.

01/27/01  Mock-up firewall to facilitate clutch linkage fabrication:

I made another trip to a local wrecking yard, this time to cut out a section of the firewall from a G-body surrounding the brake booster and the ~1-1/2" diameter hole below it.  The '78-'81 factory stick shift cars used this hole for the mechanical linkage rod to pass through and connect the clutch pedal to the cross-shaft.  Later model vehicles used this hole for the cruise control wiring/vacuum line to pass through the firewall to the brake pedal otherwise a plastic filler covered the hole.

My goal here is to once again minimize cutting on my car by trying to fabricate a metal plate (similar to this one supplied to me by Scot McKittrick) which will be sandwiched between the firewall and brake booster (using the brake booster studs to attach through) to hold the hydraulic actuating rod cylinder.   I want to try and use the existing ~1-1/2" diameter hole below the booster to center the hydraulic actuating rod thus enabling me to use an OEM type rubber grommet through the firewall for proper sealing.

01/31/01  Bad news on the Vette oil pan

My C5 Corvette oil pan showed up via UPS today and unfortunately it doesn't come any closer to fitting the G-body chassis than the F-body oil pan, actually worse since it would force the engine rearward even more and create firewall interference.  This picture compares the configuration of the two pans.  Here you can see that the C5 pan is a little shallower, however, the lower portion of this pan interferes with the engine frame saddle even more.  It's off to the fabrication shop tomorrow to determine what can be done to modify the F-body pan to clear the engine saddle frame.   Stay tuned!

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