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February 2001 Project Updates

02/03/01  Bench top mock-up of clutch pedal linkage

The bench top firewall/clutch test fixture was worth it's weight in gold today!  It only took a few hours to complete a working mock-up of the clutch pedal.  After contemplating several different types of actuating rod methods and configurations I settled on a design which:

The firewall cruise control wiring hole required very minor (1/16") enlargement on top and bottom merely to accommodate the angle of the hydraulic cylinder since it will not fit flush against the firewall without minor reaming of the sheetmetal at an angle parallel to the cylinder but this is fine with me because it cannot be seen once the cylinder is installed!

I also mocked up a clutch pedal travel limiter "stop" (out of wood for test purposes) to ensure that the clutch actuating rod doesn't bottom out in the cylinder. The stock F-body clutch pedal has 7/8" actuating rod travel in it and that is exactly what I set my "stop" to since the cylinder allows for a total actuating rod travel distance of 1".

Now that the full scale mock-up has proven my concept out I will take the sheetmetal bracket and wooden "stop" limiter and have production quality 3/16" steel plate flame cut to match the configuration of my proto-types.

02/10/01  First test fit of the LS1 with a modified oil pan!

Well, the moment I have been waiting for!  I picked up my proto-type modified F-body oil pan and it looks awesome!  The workmanship (it's actually craftsmanship!) is incredible considering that this is a close tolerance aluminum pan which requires special attention to the modification process to prevent distortion and warping and the fact that this is merely a proto-type which hasn't been prettied up yet with a good bead blasting!  The blended welds actually look like the pan was cast!  Now for the test fit-up that I have been waiting for:

I will be concentrating now on the final configuration of the motor mounts.  I would like to make them such that they would be pre-drilled for the existing holes in the engine saddle frame thus enabling a true bolt-in LS1 installation when combined with my modified oil pan for anyone wanting to duplicate my installation without the headaches.

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