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August 2001 Project Updates

08/05/01  Clutch pedal assembly final installation

I want to get everything ready now for the final installation of the drivetrain.  I needed to get the clutch pedal assembly installed first.

Next I am moving to the AC/heater shroud for removal of my damaged unit.  This thing is a pain!

08/12/01  Begin final assembly

I am really trying to get serious this week and see if I can get the car ready to fire-up this next week so I apologize in advance for having limited updates and pictures this week.  I will go back after the fact and add pictures with text for this weeks' update since I will be spending a lot of time in the garage.

08/13/01  Final assembly continued

Final mechanical assembly continues....

8/14 through 8/18/01 Final assembly continues

08/19/01  My LS1 breathes it first air in a G-body!

First off let me say that I apologize for the lack of detailed updates this past week.  I was on a mad rush to get the car ready to go to the local Pacific Northwest High Perf Chevy Show at Seattle International Raceway (SIR) today and missed attending by about 6 hours :>( oh well!  Working on the car and posting web updates just didn't give me the time I needed.  This next week I'll try to get all of the updates from this past week updated and current.  Now on to the good stuff!!!

The debugging process will begin now to ensure everything performs as expected.  I know that I have trouble codes since the SES light is on (as expected) so I will need to isolate all of the issues so that the car will run properly.   I purchased an ATAP to aid in the diagnosis.  I will also have to get the A/C a new set of hoses and have the system charged before installing the pulley belts.  I'll be driving shortly!!!

I was up until 3:30 AM last night trying to get things ready to go and was up before 9 AM this morning and it is pushing Midnight now so needless to say I am a bit tired.  I have spent a lot of time with the car this past week so I will spend some quality family time this week too so please be patient with updates.   And yes it feels great to have it running!!!!!!

8/25/01 The LS1/T56 takes it’s first flight!

I was able to fix the oil leak by removing the driver side CAT and tightening the fitting into the oil pan side adapter fitting. I also discovered a very minor leak at the fuel filter inlet, which required a slight turn on the fitting to stop. I was cautious tightening everything early on to ensure not stripping any threads. I always figured that I could give things a final tightening if leaks were discovered. As it turned out these were the only two leaks of any kind and were easily fixed!

Next up on the agenda is to finalize the remaining details. This will include getting the tach calibrated, speedometer connected and calibrated and the Air Conditioning lines fabricated to fit the LT1 compressor properly and connect to my existing A/C condenser and accumulator. I will also be going back and updating this web page with the remaining pictures and details missed this past two weeks.

8/28/01 Updates to Web page

I added in pictures and updates for the days between 8/13/01 and 8/19/01 above and inserted them into the proper chronology date-wise above. 

8/28/01 PCM SES trouble code diagnosis

I installed my AutoTap software onto a laptop and connected it to my PCM ADL connector. I received the following trouble codes:

I expected all of these codes except for the PO107 based on my installation. After further analysis of what causes PO107 with the MAF, it could be caused by problems detected with the EGR system so this makes sense. My first reaction is to want to delete all of the PCM functions for these codes with the exception of the PO107 for the MAF and the PO645 for the A/C since I don’t have the A/C connected properly. I was waiting for the release of LS1_Edit™ Software to do this myself, however, I understand it is still being BETA tested. I am reviewing my options for reprogramming the PCM now.

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