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April 2002 Project Updates

Fuel system upgrade
I used a fuel pressure gauge connected to the fuel rail and observed the readings at idle and while revving the motor.  Fuel pressure was 56PSI at idle and it dropped several pounds while revving the motor.  GM specifies 58PSI under all operating conditions for the LS1.  I had a hose extension made for my fuel pressure gage so that I could mount the gage on the windshield using duct tape thus enabling me to read the fuel pressure while making several WOT passes on the freeway.  The fuel pressure would very slowly drop from 56PSI to ~53PSI by 6500RPM at the shift points.  I verified voltage at the fuel pump by connecting a digital ohm meter and noticed that the voltage would drop to as low as ~11 volts as the motor was revved in neutral.

First trip to the drag strip this season
I took the car out using my daily driver street tires to Pacific Raceways (formerly know as Seattle International Raceway [S.I.R.]).  Traction was mixed but truly outstanding on this pass as you can see by the 60' time:      

60' 1.844
330' 5.347
1/8 8.209
MPH 86.53
1000 10.651
1/4 13.031
MPH 109.67

This represents a drop of almost 0.70 seconds in ET and a gain of 6+ MPH from last seasons best performance :>)  I have almost accomplished this project's objective of a 12 second street machine with stock exhaust and no cylinder head work!

Next month
I have received all of my exhaust components now so the month of May will be dedicated to building the new custom exhaust system!

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