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April 2001 Project Updates

04/04/01  Fuel lines again

While I am waiting for the weldments to be completed so that the T56 can be properly located I am moving on to the fuel lines. 

I am proceeding now with finalizing fuel filter location on the left side frame rail (opposite of the stock TBI filter passenger location) and running the forward portion of the fuel line to the engine compartment.  Once finalized I will have the new connections made.

04/18/01  Fuel lines & Motor Mounts

Good progress on the fuel lines & welded motor mounts to report:

I'll be bolting the motor back in again and start work on the Crossmember, floor modification and finalizing the clutch linkage.

04/23/01  First fit-up of the T56

I installed the T56 transmission while the motor was in the car and would not recommend installing it this way.  It's way too heavy installing from underneath the car even though I used a hydraulic jack!  When I pull the motor out again I will haul out the tranny out with it (especially since I have the engine sling on the hoist to tilt the load).

I will start the Crossmember fit-up next along with final contouring of the rubber boot which will cover the shifter hole in the floor.

04/29/01  T56 Crossmember Fabrication

I had a very productive weekend and finished locating and tack welding the Crossmember for the T56!  This was a relatively easy job.   Afterwards I wished that I would have put a T56 in my car sooner, however, I knew that the SBC & LS1's have a different T56 so I knew that I would have to replace transmissions (or at least the input shaft since the LS1's is 0.400" longer) had I attempted this sooner.

The great news now is that the physical fitment of the LS1/T56 is virtually complete (less the passenger side coil bracket & drivers side exhaust manifold oxygen sensor)!!!  I will drop off the Crossmember and mounting brackets tomorrow to have the final welds placed on them and then the Crossmember is complete (less paint)! 

04/30/01  Fuel rail connections

I have researched trying to find the correct stock type fuel fittings to connect the flexible fuel lines to the metal hard lines which will terminate just above the frame with little success even though I even received e-mails with suggested  potential sources.  I finally located what I believed I need at Street & Performance, however, they wanted $80 for just the two fittings!  NO WAY! 

I received my special 16MM drill bit in the mail today along with a cobalt 3/4" diameter drill bit so that I can finish drilling up the necessary clutch pedal and associated components.

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