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May 2001 Project Updates

05/01/01  Final T56 shifter hole trimming & inner boot fit-up

I tried fitting up the F-body T56 inner shifter boot over the shifter hole and it really didn't fit-up as well as I would have liked due to the interference created by trying to keep the passenger side front nutplate for the console shifter bracket so that I could properly locate the console.  The boot also has a ridge on it designed to fit inside of the hole edge which meant that the hole I cut need minor reshaping for ideal fitment.  The original round 4" hole that I started with is now completely gone!  The sides are all basically perpendicular now with one left rear corner slightly rounded behind the reverse solenoid.

On to the clutch pedal for final fabrication, fit-up and installation next.

05/02/01  Finalize clutch pedal proto-type

I went right to work on finalizing the clutch pedal arm tonight once again using the bench-top clutch fixture as a reference tool.

There will be a minor interference problem at the steering column attachment bracket when installed which I will analyze next and resolve for proper fitment and installation.

05/03/01  Test fit new pedal and trim steering column/dash bracket

I made a preliminary installation of the final clutch arm prototype in the car tonight to verify interference problems and also fabricated a steel proto-type clutch pedal travel stop bracket which uses the '99 F-body OEM rubber travel stop end.

05/08/01  Neutral Safety Switch

Safety is more important than anything else so I wanted to incorporate a functional OEM style neutral safety switch feature for the manual transmission so that it will not be able to start while in gear without the clutch pedal fully depressed.  I utilized the clutch bench top test fixture one more time!

I will need to verify final fitment of the neutral safety switch set-up in the car next to ensure adequate clearance around the fuse panel box then strip and paint all of the fabricated parts before final installation.

05/09/01  Test fit of Neutral Safety Switch

I attempted the installation of the neutral safety switch set-up in the car to verify clearance at the fuse box.  Not good!

My next project is getting the 8.5" rear end ready to put in and measure for the correct Driveshaft length before taking the engine and transmission out for the last time.

05/28/01  8.5" Rear end preparation

I wanted to get the 8.5" 3.73 posi-traction rear end freshened up a bit before installation since it had been sitting for quite some time and was very dirty and rusty.

05/31/01  Final rear end/drive shaft prep

I temporarily test fitted up the 8.5" housing in the car and raised it to its normal resting position to verify driveline length.

I stripped the control arms and will prepare them for paint next.  Progress will slow up a bit now since I will pull the engine and tranny out one last time so that I can degrease and strip the engine compartment metal areas and frame rails for painting.

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