Instructions to Adjust the Bucket Seats
Bucket Seat Back Adjustment

Seat Back Adjustment

A common problem with bucket seats is the tendancy for the seat back to sag backwards over time. In some cases, the seat back of one bucket may be angled farther back than the other at rest.

Adjustment of the seat back of the bucket seat is straight forward. First, locate and remove the two screws holding on the upper bucket seat mechanism cover. They are on the rear of the cover, above and below the black lever as shown below (blue arrows).

Bucket Seat Adjustment

Remove the cover, exposing the upper bucket seat mechanism. Note, the cover has a lip on the forward section that holds it in place. The cover is easily removed with some maneuvering. Next make sure the seat back is at the neutral (full upright) position by lifting up on the black seat back handle (green handle).

With the cover removed, you will see two obvious large hex-head bolts (yellow arrows below) holding the upper portion of the bucket seat. Loosen but do not remove both bolts. As shown by the red arrows below, push the lower end of the bucket seat upright section toward the back of the car, while pushing the upper section of the upright toward the front of the car. This may be easier accomplished by placing your knee against the bottom of the seat back, applying backwards pressure, while using your arms to pull forward on the top of the seat back. While doing this, have an assistant tighten the two bolts on the mechanism. Be careful not to overtighten the bolts or they may strip the seat holding fixture.

Bucket Seat Adjustment

The upper section of the bucket seat should be at a higher angle than prior to adjustment. Reposition the bucket seat mechanism cover and secure with the two screws. Congratulations, you're done!

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