Here is the scoop, I recently rebuilt my engine and like many others took out the computer harness, BUT, here is the difference, From what I gather alot of us are just pulling the sensors, and not cutting out the harness at the computer like I did. So for those of us that have cut the harness, and now have no Cruise Control fear not!!! The only thing that we need to fix is..

Find your buffer box, it is a small green box located behind the stereo(drivers side) there is a total of 7 wires coming out of it. Three are together coming out of the bottom (RED, GREEN, BLACK) these wires run to the VSS on the back of the speedo, GREEN is 12V, BLACK is Ground, and RED is the SIGNAL to the BUFFER.

Next you will find two harnesses on the top off the buffer box, one SINGLE YELLOW wire, this sends the signal to the Cruise Control Module, also there is a 3 wire harness, this is where the BIG PROBLEM lies, PINK/W BLACK STRIPE wire is your 12V to power the VSS, BLACK/W WHITE STRIPE this is the GROUND, THIS WIRE USED TO GROUND TO THE COMPUTER HARNESS, THAT IS WHY YOUR CRUISE WONT WORK!!! CUT THIS WIRE AND GROUND IT WITH YOUR STEREO HARNESS. NOW YOUR CRUISE SHOULD WORK. Also has a brown wire, this can be ignored, it is the VSS signal to the computer.

IF this doesnt fix your CRUISE after you have removed the computer harness let me know, I have been through this entire system and know it pretty well now, I am positive that I can diagnos your system, just try to be specific with your problem, and what you have done.



1985 Monte SS, Rebuilt L69 with TPI. 200-4R Tranny. 951 Modine with TPI duel fans. True 2 1/4 Flowmaster Duals. B.F.H. made dual hump crossmember. Stock Suspension, interior, and body.