Making passes at Maple Grove Raceway last weekend didn't happen. Being the racer insensitive drag strip "The Grove" is they cancelled Fri evening test&tune and Sat morning/afternoon test &tune because of rain coming in the later Sat afternoon. Did I mention, insensitive.
Two friends want to make passes on their cars before the malls runs out of Christmas toys for the kids. Cecil County Dragway is scheduled for several test&tunes up till the end of Nov. I may join them for the 60 mile trip there just to make a couple more passes. Nothing definite.

Also Susquehanna has one more autox event on the 30th. That I haven't ruled out yet. That event is kinda a play time there. Make runs in the morning and then some type of runoff in the afternoon for fun. Not sure how it works but who knows, the car may show up there, for some fun.