Time to put this autox post to bed for the Winter.

Just a couple notes first.
The new Falken RT660 seem to be the tire needed to make this car much better for autox. But as a street tire it wouldn't be my choice. It's shorter, stiffer, 40 sidewall telegraphs every imperfection in the road. Sat put 40 miles with the grandkids on board, low 60 degree, the tires were actually annoying. And even at that temp the tires picked up stones and slung them at the wells at just warm tire temps. And having swapped back and forth between the old BFG Comp 2 and the 660 tracking is noticeable better with the old tires. Will check camber the toe again before removing them for the cold season ahead. Need to verify toe and camber aren't the real cause of the poor directional stability. When I put the old tires on for the 600 mile trip to UMI instantly notice how much better they were tracking than the 660s. Even when I made 3 passes at the drags a month ago noticed a little wiggle at 110 mph, almost like running bias slicks with 14 psi.
The 660 will be pulled and store in a warm place soon, save them for next season. Really won't miss them on the street.

Two improvement planned. Reinstall the 3.73, pick up 10% mph in 2nd and reduce power to the tires by a like percentage. Using 3rd gear instead of 2nd also part of the plan for the 60 mph sections.
Will look into suggested much bigger front sway bar to see how it effects mid and corner exit, the big problem with the car right now.
Also should be able to find the time to pull the front suspension and revisit bumpsteer. The plan is to "adjust" the bumpsteer to cause toe out at droop and toe in at compression to gain cheater Ackermann. Despite the car is a B spindle suspension the bump after all the changes up front is actually very good. But it's deviation is opposite of what I an now looking for. Just a matter of making another centerlink with the corrections, again.

Prior to the 34 autox runs on this car this year it was 2018 when a dozen autox runs were last made. Three years between is a long time for no seat time. A lot of mods have also been done to the car, and of course I'm a little older, the past two years aged everyone more than deserved. I feel the car was much better now, just needs some more tuning.

Can say we did get the car out there and beat on it trying to wear those new tires out. That alone was an accomplishment for the year.