Just a couple notes.
Went through all of the suspensions bolts and retorqued, then moved onto the body bushing bolts. The body bushing replacement was 2013, every year they are checked for tight. #3 bushings rearward are the hardest poly available. The #1 and #2 bushings are Delrin. What I found was the #2 right side bolt and big flat washer had incurred the wrath of the A/C condensation drainage poor design. That bolt creaked when trying to torque it. Removed the bolt, washer and lower bushing half, rust on the bolt and washer. Replaced that R #2 bolt with a spare, pulled the L #2 to inspect (perfect), cleaned and repainted the bolts and washer for each side, a touch of never-sez on the threads, good for another 6 or 8 years. Pretty sure that R #2 bushing was the "click" we felt and heard at the last event.

Cleaned up the P/S fluid under the car. It came out of the pump cap, not a leak. Will address that issue before the next event in the Spring.

After a full cleaning and inspection of the chassis, grease front end, tire pressures, fill the tank to full, ride height was checked. Still exactly where it was a year ago.
However a camber check was done and right front was neg 1 1/2 as set, the left side seems to have lost camber, only has neg 1.04 degrees. Will need to look into that soon. That much difference side to side is possibly why the car tracks the way it does on these Falken tires.

Also a check of tire rub in the front well top's and well rear's, and frame and sway bar area showed zero touch with these 11" section width tires. At the back of the car as expected a light touch on the right frame, and as unexpected a light touch on the left frame at the rear. Hindsight now says I should have added another mm or two to the rear spacer thickness.

So after 34 runs this year the car came out unscathed. Even the cone kill mark on the new right front wheel didn't leave a scratch.

Next weekend is a few runs down the 1/4 mile, the true end of the season. Haven't decided whether to put the drag race setup in the car with the Falkens or just leave it setup for the street. I would like to see if the Falkon 200 wear tire can come close to the 60' times a drag radial had, which weren't that good.

happy motoring