I'm going to guess yours is CDM ECM box. Something that looks like this. The stickers came in two parts, with a perforation between them. One went on the ECM box, the other went on the HVAC housing. Or should have. This only occurred on the Arlington built cars in the 84 and 85 model year, best I can find. There may be others, but I haven't seen any...good intentions I guess.

Take a decent picture of yours (readable) and I can duplicate it. Even out of paper if you're daring. smile But it's better if it's done in mylar (plastic). Not factory correct down to the core, but it won't simply curl up and fall off it if gets wet. And doesn't attract dirt. They're not impervious so don't wash the decals with anything stronger than mild soap/water. Or scrub them hard, and they should last a long time.

If you look at your ECM box, it might look something like this:

[Linked Image]