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I saw user m202748 posted he had Nitto 555G2 245/45/17 on the front and Nitto 555G2 275/40/17 on the rear. Looked great in the pics just don't know if it will work on mine. I wish I could find a good enough tire shop that would know exactly what I need. Thanks for the link, I will definitely check it out...

No problem on the link.

Be VERY mindful of the section width if you're going to try and squeeze a 275/40/17 on the 8" rim. Different manufacturer's section width run smaller (like Nitto) and large compared to the "norm". I personally wouldn't run that wide of a "daily driver" tire on the 8" rim. The smaller wheel pulls in the sidewalls and to get a flat foot print you have to run less air pressure in the tire. Doing so could effect handling and possibly over heat the tire. If you run recommended pressure, it will wear more in the middle and probably wouldn't have as much of a contact patch (rubber meeting the road) as SOME 255/45/17s (check the specs).

I wouldn't worry too much about running a 275/40/17 drag radial or true slick for the track (many do), because running less air pressure can be beneficial for straight-line traction - well hopefully you're only going straight!

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