Went back Sat to look at the car again and takes some pics.
First mistake is the car is black, nor dark brown, and the paint is in very good condition. Eye doctor appointment necessary.
Second, odometer isn't 43K, it's 49,494, close but no cigar.

Check the door sticker for MFD, it's an 08/87 so the car is an 88.

Looked under the original factory driver's floor mat, which has another mat on top of it, very clean, no water staining of the carpet. Split bench seat is excellent.

Took several pics if anyone interested.

It may end up at https://www.classicautomall.com/ in Morgantown, Pa. A friend sold his 65 442 there a few months ago, another friend is getting ready to drop his 69 white AMX, neither of those friends need three hot rods anymore.