Got a call from my brother-in-law yesterday, the 93 year grandma up the street from him has decided she's done driving and looking to sell her Monte. I agreed to stop this morning to take a look at grandma's car.

WOW, impressed. They said it was an 88 LS but it has the 85 speedo in it. I was under the assumption that all 87-88 Monte's got the 120. Should have looked at the door sticker to verify date of manufacture but think it is an 86.

Details of the car:
Dark brown exterior, original paint in excellent conditions. Expected to see crease, scrapes, beat up bumpers, that would be normal for a super senior's car, but body looked exceptionable, no visible damage. All the stainless body trim is installed and in excellent condition. Wheel coverings are the wire hubcaps, 14" wheels I assume.
Badging on the exterior is Luxury Sport with a CL. It has no T-tops but has the Landau roof covering. Looked at the driver's door weather striping and it had minor cracking but was overall in good condition.

Interior has the split bench seat, gray interior, carpets, seats, door panels are excellent. The 85 speedo, four gage cluster with no tach or clock. Standard AM/FM Cassette.

Popped the hood and it's the V-6 with the A6 A/C compressor, dusty but very clean for 35 year old car.

Now the good new, garage kept most of it's life and 43K on the odometer. She bought it new locally and owned since new. Truly a low mileage gem. The daughter says Mom would like to get 5K for the car. No idea if there is room on the price but said costs to transport can be expensive.

Expected to find an old car in need of restoration but instead this car is a diamond, and not in the rough.
The V-6 and the Landau are the only negatives I saw.

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