So here's the cost breakdown of this build. Parts prices were shopped aggressively online via Ebay, Amazon,, etc., with the goal of getting reasonably good quality items for the very best price possible. As always, YMMV.

core engine with fresh heads $800.00
LS-7 Roller lifters plus 4 guides (EBay) $108.99
Blue GM Beehive LS springs (EBay) $65.00
Another short-block 6.0 LS $500.00
Valve Stem-seals (beehive style) $18.99
Valve locks $9.52
Machine shop- disassemble, hot-tank, polish crank, check-hone cylinders $380.00
LS3 pistons $120.00
2nd Intake with computer and full harness $100.00
Enginetech bearings (buy) $48.34
Moly piston rings (Enginetech) $86.99
gasket set ( Enginetech) $221.33
Timing Chain set (Enginetech) $54.86
Chinesium exhaust manifolds $175.90
Computer reprogram (Ebay seller AMSRACING) $70.00
Rocker Trunion Kit $90.00
GM LS Push Rods (Set of 16) $34.99
Harmonic Damper bolt (OEM style replacement $8.07
Replacement Knock Sensors (2) $19.34
LS Cylinder head alignment dowels $9.99
Oil flow restrictor $13.99
Truck LS intake manifold bolt kit $16.99
LS Engine Swap M16 1.5 Adapter to 1/8 NPT $9.99
1/8" NPT Steam Port Adapter to Top Radiator Hose LS Swap $14.99
EDGE INDUSTRIAL 1/4" Hose ID to 1/8" Male NPT MNPT 90 Degree Elbow $8.90
MSD 3301 Spark Plug Wire Boot & Terminal (2) $10.91
MSD 3304 Spark Plug Wire Boot & Terminal, (2) $14.19
Waterproof Relay Fuse Block w/7 Relays, 10 Fuses $32.99
OBD2 Dash Port/Wire Pigtail Connector Plug In $11.99
4" Performance Cold Air Intake Kit With Filter $62.98
LS Water Pump & Thermostat Bolt Kit $10.99
Teckpak USA GM 200-4R & 700-R4 Detent Cable 1978-1992 $18.99
Air Flow Sensor Meter MAF 25318411 $29.66
TRUPARTS Oxygen Sensor O2 SG277 (2) $32.59
Motorad 379-160 Thermostat $22.57
IACV IAC Idle Air Control Valve 17113598 $19.99
ACDelco 213-912 GM TPS $32.51
200R4 Chrome Flexible Stainless Transmission Dipstick $51.94
4" Inch 102mm 90 Degree Elbow Silicone Hose $12.24
Dorman Help 41040 Control Cable Retainer $11.01
Edelbrock 8018 1968-Up GM TH350 Transmission Kickdown Stud $6.95
LS1 PCM ECM ECU Mounting Bracket 15995679 $15.00
LS1 Swap Fuel Filter Regulator Fuel Pump & Fitting Kit MSD $199.99
LS1 Conversion 1" Set Back Motor Mount Plates $36.00
Serpentine belt, tensioner and idler kit (Pep Boys) $65.00
Radiator hoses (approximate cost) $40.00
Oil, filter, spark plugs, other misc. crap $80.00

total $3,881.34

There were several other costs not listed- fresh water pump, a serpentine tensioner/pulley assembly, another radiator when my trans cooler line threads came out, and so on... Of coure, there were also a few minor pieces-parts that I didn't use for whatever reason, and $270 worth of exhaust manifolds I can't friggin' get RID of. So an honest number would be... right at $4000 for a fresh engine, with all the tools to tune it myself, and dial it in as my knowledge grows.

Now, the problem is that there are a few special tools to make this work, that you simply can't do the job without....

engine stand (Advance Auto) 84.99
books (Amazon, free shipping) 39.74
Coil spring compresser 19.99
Piston ring compressor (special 6.2 item) 70.00
Engine Hoist (HF, Craigslist) 100.00
Torque-angle wrench (2, since 1st broke) 25.00

Tools, bondo, paint for intake manifold 100.00
OTC 4681 Power Steering Pump/Alternator Remover/Installer Tool 37.26
12V 2A Power Supply Wall Plug Adapter 7.99
OBDLink MX 69.99
ECM pigtails 54.98
2 0411 PCMs 169.42
Cost of Tools 779.36

You can clearly save on some, borrow and beg on others, or (as I did) have to buy them outright. Again, YMMV.

All-in, from soup to nuts... about $5K, no BS.

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