Ok, it has been a LONG time coming, for an update. My apologies for being so slow... my wife and kids got back from Europe, visiting Grandma and extended family, in early September. Since then, it's been a mad rush getting kids into school, my day-job going insane on workload, and when I get home, taking over for "mama" until ~10 PM. Rinse and repeat. Add in getting some broken bones in my foot (during a Krav class, no less), and hobbling around for a couple of months when I keep re-breaking my toes... you get the idea.

Ok, enough of that crap. Short story, it runs, it drives, it kicks xxxx . But it was a LOT of work.

As of mid-July, I had finished assembly on the engine. The heads are the stocker 317 models, with upgraded (blue) valve springs, new retainers and keepers. I went with new roller lifters and pushrods, did a new needle-bearing trunion kit on the rockers. Pretty simple stuff, just takes time. The factory LQ4/LQ9 cam was reused, as everything I considered was too expensive to justify, when the factory cam could make at least 300HP at the rear wheels. With a basically stock 2004R trans and lightweight 3.73 posi, I really don't have the budget to go through the rest of the drivetrain.

After sealing up the long-block, I set the on top of the engine, put a couple of bolts into the headers.

[Linked Image][Linked Image]

Youl'll probably notice I picked up a Camaro oil pan and all the goodies for ~$200. I had to massage the windage tray a little to work with the longer stroke, but other than that, no issues.

Now it was time to get the stocker 305 engine pulled...

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]