Wow - 3200 attendees. Here is the link to the winners with stock and modified classes for Monte Carlo on pages 13 and 14: Glad some familiar names made the cut.

Bob - I had too much going on before the NMCOA Nationals this coming weekend to fit in the Chevy Nationals at Carlisle too, but its on my calendar for next year - JUNE 26-27, 2020! I did clean up and repaint the doors, installed Just Dashes dash (awesome if you can deal with their backlog), and the 9 Speedhut gauges including GPS Speedo. May have solved the issues of installing seals which we have all been fighting these many years as I have been driving mine for a week with the door seals missing. Its not too load and the doors close easily for a change. Seriously though, I am putting in the door seals with the integrated washers cured in which shouldn't rip out. That goes in tomorrow. Then off to congratulate John and Cindy Harvey for their years of service and personal investment in NMCOA at "the last roundup".

Scott - Running 3" true duals with Borlas so let share notes and noise next year! I can also share the unequal distribution of enthusiasm you reference among family members for these projects - hahaha.

Flip to the NMCOA thread if you are attending - love to see you there.