Still chuckling, it was only 5 weeks. My clutch replacement starts Sun, will have 3 1/2 weeks to get it done, wish me luck.

Clutch install keeps getting more complicated, the trans to bell adapter plate is a 1/2x13x13 chunk of steel, about 20 lbs. Making a trip over to see if S&W can water jet a duplicate in alum in the next day or so. Why? Saves a couple pound off the front end, but more so because I need to complicate this RST install. The intent is this being the last time I'll have the flywheel off the car, do the things you thought about but never did. One of them was that heavy adapter plate. I run a Lakewood scattershield/blocksaver plate, HEAVY, add the adapter and you need a floor jack to install them together. So a 13 lbs savings has always been something I've thought about.

Hoping you didn't run into fuel delivery issues, lots of little details to do it right. Fuel leaks are not a good thing, especially at those high pressures needed. Two hose clamps to hold a hose on ain't kosher. Out back, above the tank there's a lot going on, do it once.

Any events coming up that you need to deadline the install?