Hello, all. Starting a new thread, hope it turns out ok. Relocated to the Philly region last year.

I've had nice cars over the years, the latest sedan being a Mercedes E350 that did well, and an '06 3/4-ton 4x4 Suburban, both with low miles, both quite comfortable and reasonably powerful. But I've been building cars for about 30 years, including a few 1st-gen Camaros, and my last project was a '36 Ford 5-window coupe that started out as basically a flat-bed trailer of rusty parts. When it left, it was intact and running with a custom frame, M2 front, Ford 9" rear triangulated 4-link rear, a 3" chop and suicide doors.

But those projects are HARD work... or HUGE $$$, one or the other. I'm too tired to do the hard-work build any more, and yet I want a cool driver that I can tinker with, and enjoy over the next several years. It has to be powerful, reliable, economical. Oh, and it has to go together on a tiny budget... basically as cheap as I can get it. Which means, if a factory setup will do as well as spending $500 on a "sexy" serpentine pulley setup, I'll go factory. While a lot of people are impressed by some new "spiffy" thing, I'm far more impressed by guys that build cars on a budget, and are smart about saving money. It just what gets me jazzed.

This line of thinking is also why I'm going old-school. New cars are STUPID expensive, depreciate 25% when they roll off the dealer lot, and you never, EVER get that money back. rant

So I'm building my own, it'll be much cheaper than a new one, it'll be what I want, and it'll be my daily driver, NOT just a garage/trailer-queen.

With all of that in mind, I recently purchased maybe the ONLY MCSS in the area that's available and NOT a complete rust-bucket, for $5k. Old paint, a lot of dents, but the bones are good, and I won't have to chop out the floor and rear frame to have a nice driver. My favorite color is burgundy metallic, but I bought this silver one, because it was NOT a rust-bucket (and you'd be amazed at how people think their rust-riddled rolling turd is a gold nugget... no)

[Linked Image]

After fighting with the carb, finally ordering a new one, it starts and drives reasonably well. Of course, with 190HP on tap (and I consider that rating extremely optimistic), I have to push it hard to keep up with other traffic in relatively light, zippy cars. Right after I put the new carb on it, I was at a stoplight, and some little granny in a newish Honda Accord stood on it, as the light went green. I though, "ok, let's see how mine does..." As I should have guessed, granny SMOKED me... and she literally didn't even know I was there... Unreal... blush

Next fill-up, with new carb, and I find my slug of a car is making 13 MPG, general running around.

I'd sold my Benz AND my clean Suburban, to reduce overhead, and also reduce my fuel bill (as Sub was 16MPG highway, 12 in the city). This is NOT the kind of start I was looking for.

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