Every time I pull the hood release I have a panic and anxiety attack that the cable might break. I have read horror story threads in the past from members who cannot open their hood after breaking the hood release cable. As far as I know, it is impossible to reach the hood latch when the hood is closed. Members in the forum have asked how to open the hood with a bad cable. I don't think anyone could offer help.
I would imagine it would cost hundreds of dollars in skinned knuckles, aggravation and potential damage to your car to get the hood open.
This thread is intended to show you how I made an emergency hood release fix at basically no cost. 30 minutes of your time could save you hours of problems in the future.
All you need is some stainless mechanics wire, two 1/16" ferrules, a 13mm box wrench, 3 zip ties and diagonal wire cutters.
1. Remove the two 13mm bolts that secure the hood latch.
2. Feed the wire through the metal clip that holds the cable on the hood release lever.
3. Loop the wire and secure with a ferrule.
4. Run the wire to the left side (your right) near the body opening behind the headlights.
5. Loop the wire again and secure with a ferrule. Loop large enough to put you finger through it.
6. Reinstall the latch.
7. Loosely zip tie the wire to the existing hood release cable sheath.
8. Shut the hood and test the operation by reaching for the finger loop from below.
You are done.
It doesn't need to be pretty, it only needs to work one time.

Loop as seen from under the car.

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