I have these headers installed. Very good fitment and very happy with them. May have to use band clamps on some of the slip joints, I have 2 I'm using.

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This would be akin to, the pie at <insert bakery> is amazing but I never tried it. Anyhoo, purchased a used set of Hooker Super Comps 2241. Seller was amazed as to how these headers fell out of the car upon removal. Had it coated by Jet Hot in AZ. Never installed them but traded them for some suspension parts and still in the plastic uncoated 2241s with the intention of running Flowmaster ball style collectors. Still sitting in the plastic!!! lol As pictured in the link above, it has slip tubes that wrap around the steering shaft. Was told you may need to reverse the direction of one of the lower control arm bolts and perhaps grind a little off the a-arm mount. The passenger side header requires removal to gain access to the starter or suggested a mini starter.