The wire for the O2 is PURPLE, runs from the O2, up over the valve cover at #3 and into the CCC harness in front of the carb, lots of other CCC wires merge right there.

The switch wires on the P/S box pressure line is DK GREEN, that wire comes from the low pressure switch for the A/C, on the other side of the switch is a DK GREEN/WHT, it run to the A/C compressor.
That switch goes open when it reaches a higher than normal pressure and turn off the compressor. Such as when at idle, moving very slowly, and the steering is turned against the internal stops in the steering box. We have all heard our grandmothers do that, we don't do that, that's abuse.
I wouldn't be concerned about hooking that switch back up unless the wires are just laying there. I believe you will find the switch wires somewhere up in front of the carb too, most like follow the coolant temp gauge sender wire and follow it back. If the A/C works, compressor runs, then you have power coming to the compressor from the low pressure cycling switch. Someone has already eliminated the P/S switch from the circuit and spliced up in front of the carb.

A note, a primary CCC system ground point is at the front of the intake manifold, insure it quality.