Smart possibly, but more importantly, spent far too much time hacking that ECM. smile

I just put the code there incase someone wants to take it up with me. Unless you've done some old systems programming in assembly language, it's hard to read. Heck, it's hard to read period.

The calibration is likely the same for all narrow band sensors, but why chance it; no other type is going to help you, stick with the one-wire one recommended for the stock car. That ECM is waiting for the O2 sensor to be good and hot before using it as input regardless of what kind you put in there.

Bottom line, save your cash for the Speedometer and get a regular O2 sensor. Later on once you have your car running well and trouble codes all resolved, then you can talk to me about a PROM to start doing fancy stuff if you so choose to go that direction.

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