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r this a common problem on this cars, nd whats da fix for it
Yes, it is a problem area.
Before getting too involved on what the 'fix' is, since there can be numerous fixes, clean the connection area with a brass brush and examine to see that the "printed circuit" is installed correctly as well as the gages, bulb attachments, etc. are connected properly.
After everything is cleaned up and looks good, reinstall it and test it to see if that resolved the problem.
This is just something that is a step by step process.

As a thought, since you have the I/P out and a new one on hand, feel free to install the new one, but still clean the connection area.
However, if it was me(and at one time it was), I would try to get the old/existing circuit board working if the problem is due to something else.
The reason I went this way was, if the existing one was good, I saved the newer printed circuit(meaning $$$$$$) until it was needed.