I needed to remove my glovebox lock to paint the dash, but the info on how to do that is pretty thin. Heres what you'll need:

The Easy Way:

1. Glovebox Key
2. Tiny Screwdriver
3. 9/32 or 7mm socket

First, Open your glovebox, insert the key , and turn it counterclockwise to lock it. Remove the Key

The slot will be vertical

Next, remove the two screws holding the lock

This will give you a little space to work with.

Finally, Insert your screwdriver into the visible top slot, while you pull out on the knob slightly . You will feel the spring in the tumbler, and the knob come out slightly as the 1st tumbler releases. Repeat, and press on the remaining 4 tumblers to get them to release.

Pull the knob completely out, and you're done!
When you want to reinsert the knob, press on the tumbler closest to the lock, and it will slide past the gate.

Note. The easy way requires a key. Next post is the hard way, which does NOT require a key, but does require the glovebox to be open...