Believe me, I understand. When I put the Dart block 427 with a Stewart water pump in my car I couldn't get it to circulate coolant at initial startup. Spend several long conversations with the Stewart tech guy to no avail. Dart Blocks don't have pump bypass hole. For weeks tryed every method I could think of to get the air out of the pump, had the front of the car 3' off the ground and still pump was cavited. Finally swapped the Stewart pump out for an Edelbrock and it circulated right away, go figure.

Going through he traps about a year later the Edel pump "blowed up", one of the powdered metal vanes on the pump broke off, pushed the plate off the back of the pump and locked up the pump.
Trailered it home the next day.
Bought a Weiand Team G pump, Made in China, sent it right back to Summit.
Pulled the Stewart pump of the shelf for another go around. Still had problems getting the pump to circulate due to trapped air but came up with a better method of pressure filling it.
Now have a bleeder T located in the 3/4" inlet to the heater core and bleeding is much easier.

Just wanted to let you know we all go through some frustration at times.

Here's another guy who has had some "fun" bleeding an LS clutch.