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#895845 - 09/20/11 11:10 AM Transmission Cooler Lines & Cooler
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I am going to be replacing my transmission lines with a new cooler for my th350.

I need some ideals on what kind of lines to run.Any transmission coolers u would recommend?

Pictures of ur setup would be great.Thanks

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#895862 - 09/20/11 12:48 PM Re: Transmission Cooler Lines & Cooler [Re: 4893fei]
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I just ran my new tranny lines not to long ago. I am at work and wil post the pics when I get home. I used -6 braided line and a B&M stacked cooler. Jegs has a nice kit to use that comes with all the stuff you will need. Here is the page they are on. This is the one I used.
Here is a shot of my setup with this kit.

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#895917 - 09/20/11 05:45 PM Re: Transmission Cooler Lines & Cooler [Re: 406monte]
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Large Coolers are best, the Long 'Tru Cool' brand Stacked Plate style are the most efficient. They are self regulating as well.
Long makes the B&M Coolers.

Same Co. as Makco >>
Cooler flow diagram >>

Bottom fitting on Trans to Bottom fitting on Rad,
Top fitting on Rad to Bottom fitting on Cooler,
Top fitting on Cooler to Top fitting on Trans.
Trans Case is 1/4" NPST/NationalPipeStraightThread-Male.
Jegs also has Hose kits wo/Cooler. The Cooler/Hose Combo kits don't include enough Hose to replace the Trans Lines.

I'd check with Jegs to see if the Trans fitting in the Hose Kit are 1/4" NPT or NPST. NPT can crack the Trans Case.

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#896018 - 09/21/11 12:44 AM Re: Transmission Cooler Lines & Cooler [Re: Retro]
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I use the 6 pass Flexalite 4118 cooler for my car.

I used hard lines from the transmission to the area of the main radiator and attached rubber lines from the hard lines to the secondary radiator(Flex-a-lite cooler). Works great smile

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#896502 - 09/23/11 09:40 PM Re: Transmission Cooler Lines & Cooler [Re: DiamondSnake]
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i have the same 6 pass flexalite cooler except with the -6 ends. ill try and get a picture tomorrow, with that cooler and the torque converter lockup not hooked up my trans temps only get about 170ish while beating on it on hot days
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#896556 - 09/24/11 11:18 AM Re: Transmission Cooler Lines & Cooler [Re: foggerSS87]
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I saw the reference to the LONG coolers above, and it triggered a memory of something I just saw on Ebay. You would likely have to cut off the metal tubes and use rubber hose and hose clamps, but thought this was a good buy.
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#896599 - 09/24/11 06:21 PM Re: Transmission Cooler Lines & Cooler [Re: 87ChooChoo]
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Yeah, Long makes most all of the 'Stacked Plate' type Coolers. They are rebranded & sold under other names/Co.'s.

The Lines on that Caddy cooler can be removed/unscrewed @Cooler and different fittings installed. Looks like a Tru Cool Max style/design.

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#900118 - 10/19/11 09:17 PM Re: Transmission Cooler Lines & Cooler [Re: Retro]
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If you want one on the cheap, go to the junk yard and look at a ford explorer or bronco ll or ranger. they are all stacked coolers and should be cheap.
Mount to the car,don't zip tie it to radiator,keep it at least 3/4" away.
good luck

#900177 - 10/20/11 12:31 PM Re: Transmission Cooler Lines & Cooler [Re: irene]
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Why on a stacked plate cooler would you want the fluid to enter at the bottom? Does this slow the fluid down for more cooling?
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#900288 - 10/21/11 01:59 AM Re: Transmission Cooler Lines & Cooler [Re: Richie Cat]
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The Factory always uses this path, Fluid enters Bottom of Rad & Aux. Coolers. This helps keeps air out of the system.


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