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#75878 - 06/26/00 11:12 PM Different Color Stripes on a Silver SS

Hey all, due to an angering twist of fate , I am now going to replace the stripes on my 87 Silver SS. Im going for the stock color stripes, but was curious to know what the Red striping would look like on the silver? I've seen it before, but can't remember how it looked against the silver. Have any of you guys seen it? If not, whats your guys' opinion? All opinions and comments are appreciated.

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#75879 - 06/26/00 11:51 PM Re: Different Color Stripes on a Silver SS
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Go watch sounds like he has a silver 87/88 with red decals ...I think it would look good, but thats my imagination working.

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#75880 - 06/27/00 12:11 PM Re: Different Color Stripes on a Silver SS
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YUCKIE....but if you do decide to do it, Ill sell you my set.....87/88 Red stripes, complete.

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#75881 - 06/27/00 05:42 PM Re: Different Color Stripes on a Silver SS
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I wouldnt put red stripes on a silver would look horrible!!!

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#75882 - 06/28/00 08:14 AM Re: Different Color Stripes on a Silver SS
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While we're on the subject, does anyone have a close up picture of gray stripes on a silver monte?
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#75883 - 06/28/00 04:39 PM Re: Different Color Stripes on a Silver SS
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Check out the photos that I just put up on the site from the NMCOA 2000 convention. I specifically took close up pictures of every sticker/color combination that I could find. I know there are a few Gray on Silver pictures there. Even found one SS with uncommon White/Saddle combination, with matching decals. These photos will eventually be put in a Monte Carlo SS FAQ for paint/decal combinations. I'll be putting out a request for pictures of certain paint/decal combinations that I do not have archived.

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#75884 - 06/28/00 05:54 PM Re: Different Color Stripes on a Silver SS
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Jeez...I dont' think the red stripes on the silver look anywhere near as bad as the red/orange on the burgundy....EWWWW!!!!

Just my opinion...

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#75885 - 06/29/00 07:18 PM Re: Different Color Stripes on a Silver SS
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y'all are smoking some crack if you think the red stripes would look bad on an 87/88 silver Monte Carlo. Think about it... what came stock in 85/86 (like Paul C. and my 86's....) ? !!!! Red (3 shades though) stripes. Hmmm!

I'm sure Rob, if you could finagle this in a graphix program, you could make a decent replica of what it would look like. But... if you're going to keep it stock, I would go for the stock charcoal colour.

I've thought about going with a darker teal green for my 86, and doing the saddle interior / stripes, but I'll probably just keep silver / grey interior / red stripes. Dare to be different, unless you wanna keep the value up.


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