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#583667 - 07/03/08 11:30 PM Body Mount Frame repair
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Body Mount Frame Repairs.

This is the basic frame repairs I made to my frame to repair all the rusted body mount locations that needed repairs. This will work on all frame locations but may require some variations depending on which mount you may be working on. My photos are of the body mount on the front of the body shell. I got caught up in the progress so I missed some photos but filled in with pictures of the opposite side. While the process is the same you may need to correct for your own situation, given the rust condition you are dealing with. Hope this helps with your repairs.


Tools and materials needed.

Mig welder/.030 gage wire
right angle die grinder
Jig saw- or saber saw
Greenlee hole punch or hole saw
wire wheel for drill or right angle die grinder.
Sharpee marker

36, and 80 grit roloc discs and arbor
1/8 thick body washers. I used some from a polly body mount kit left over from one of my old Blazers.

This is a typical front body mount after 20+ years on the road, that obviously needs some attention.

The mount after a thorough cleaning with a wire wheel

Place the washer where you want to repair and make some locating marks.

Make some reference marks with a sharpee marker to conform the washer to the shape of the frame location you are working on.

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#583674 - 07/03/08 11:57 PM Re: Body Mount Frame repair [Re: tmos87]
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Using a vise and hammer or what ever you have, form the washer to the frames contour for the best fit and then trace your cut around

the washer.

I made the final cut with a jig saw and then filed the cut edges.

Here is the washer tacked into place.

Now connect the dots with the final weld. Make sure to get good penetration. The mig weld should sound like bacon frying.

#583675 - 07/04/08 12:00 AM Re: Body Mount Frame repair [Re: tmos87]
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Dress the weld with a 36 grit roloc disc and followed with an 80 grit to smooth it out.

I had to drill the washer hole out to 1/2 inch and then center and punch the hole.

Finally the finished repair. I had to repair four of the mounts on my frame. I went in an assembly line going from rough to punch, so I

wouldn't have to repeatedly get tools out.

#761763 - 02/01/10 01:45 PM Re: Body Mount Frame repair [Re: tmos87]
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my front holes are rusted as well. the driver side is much bigger. when I weld the washer into place, is there a any play for error. I don't want to weld it and then the body won't line up. Any help would be appreciated

#762010 - 02/02/10 08:00 AM Re: Body Mount Frame repair [Re: KPZ]
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Its ok it it isnt lined up perfect - just get them nice and flush with your frame - If its too big for a washer I cut out the bad area first regardless of size then make a cardboard template that fits nice and transfer to steel. If your body isnt perfect the new body bushings will compensate for small differences. There is also some play in bolting those down - If you make an access hole under your carpet you can get acces to the "nut" side to repair or make sure the plate is in nice shape in there.

#762064 - 02/02/10 11:44 AM Re: Body Mount Frame repair [Re: woodss]
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In the body bushing thread in the rolling chasis section, I think there is a picture from a shop manual that has the frame dimensions that will help get you real close, if not spot on. If not let me know and I can find it for you.
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#762208 - 02/02/10 10:37 PM Re: Body Mount Frame repair [Re: woodss]
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i had to do this on the front 2 body mounts at the firewall. when i took all my old body mounts apart they pretty much fell apart. i put in polyurethane mounts in, 3 spots i had to weld, 1 spot the whole piece was rusted, so the rear driver floor so i had to build it up with washers.
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#764323 - 02/10/10 11:29 AM Re: Body Mount Frame repair [Re: roughskinjrz]
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