Aloha guys.

Have a question regarding upper door hinge. While ago, when I sent the car out for body work (about 6 years ago?), I bought a set of aftermarket upper door hinges for both side. Could not find OEM hinges, at least for the driver side. Anyway, recently, door started to make horrible squeaking noise while opening and closing. Looked at the door hinge, It's rusted. I'll probably replace the hinge, but while I look for another aftermarket, decided to lube the door hinge with white grease. While greasing, it look like one of the door pin is slightly bent. Maybe it's my eyes, but it does not look straight.

So my question is, any of you have any experience with good aftermarket upper door hinge? My passenger side is also rusted, but pin is straight and does not make the horrible squeaking noise.I may replace both upper hinges as the passenger side have worst of the rust. When I got the car back from the body shop, passenger side window had broken rear window/glass retainer and because of this, I have bad rust on the passenger side. But this is off the topic so I'll stop here.

Anyone have any recommendation? Sorry, I forgot where I bought the hinges from. But I know it was brand new units and was aftermarket.

1986 Silver MCSS - Poly bushing and Hotchkis spring w/Bilstein, Posi w/3.73, MSD 6-AL, E-Brock 600cfm, Aluminum 2-row radiator.
1986 Black MCSS - R.I.P............Finally.