Aloha guys. I didn't know where to post this, so I decided to post a thread here, but if this not allowed or in wrong place, please move or delete accordingly.

I am in need of unique tail lights due to place I'm moving to. So I want to see if anybody here want to tackle the need I have. It probably need to be LED. If anyone is up to the task, please PM me.

Probably need it by early next year. I just want to see if it's doable, and how much it will cost. It will be for both tail lights.


1986 Silver MCSS - Poly bushing and Hotchkis spring w/Bilstein, Posi w/3.73, MSD 6-AL, E-Brock 600cfm, Aluminum 2-row radiator.
1986 Black MCSS - R.I.P............Finally.