My Monte has a TPI conversion I completed some years ago. When I did the conversion, I used CA rules as much as I could. Back when NJ did emissions testing on my car, I passed every year and they never even opened the hood. They laid some sort of mystery device on the hood probably to measure engine rpm with the test probe in the exhaust. My current issue concerning emissions is that my smog pump failed, but at that time NJ stopped inspecting my 35 year old car. I bought an electric smog pump from a vette and I hope to install it somewhere under the nose and run the outlet hose to the switching valves. Gonna take some funky bracket work to make it stable under there.


87 SS, UMI trailing arms. Hooker 2050 Jet Hot Coated Headers. Hooker Cat-Back Exhaust, GM 350, Ported TPI, Trick Flow 56cc alum heads, SLP runners, Comp Cams 260AH-12 cam, Trick Flow roller rockers, TCI 2400 stall converter, Denny's 3.5" Driveshaft, GBodyParts GNX Replica Rims 18x8 &18x9, F-Body Serpentine Belt Sys with Sanden A/C compressor mod.