Hi all, this winter I've been taking on some chassis maintenance, including cutting a 1/4 coil off the 600lb Hotchkis front springs and replacing some tired KYB shocks with Bilsteins. The Upper and lower control arms are Global West arms with stock height ball joints and a stock height spindle. Now that I'm looking to reinstall the shocks, it seems that they need to be compressed ~1.5 inches to fit the lower mounts, which seems to be a bit much. In order to minimize the amount they need to be compressed, before the suspension is even loaded with the car's weight, I'm curious on your thoughts on adding 1/2 in spacers between the shock mounts and the lower control arm mounts?  It's not much, but my thinking is that every bit counts to maintain shock stroke travel. The "pocket" on the lower arms is deep enough that with the 1/2in spacers, the shock eyelet does NOT protrude below the lower arms; ground clearance looks good. Thoughts or opinions on this idea?

Thanks all!




May the horsepower be with you.