First time posting here, can't add enough pictures so below is a Google Drive link of the process.

Welding is required, although I have never welded before in my life before this project. It was worth buying a Titanium Flux 125 welder from Harbor Freight. I used .035 wire for this. It was very easy to learn so don't be intimidated.

These seats are out of a 2016 Camaro SS, got them on ebay for less than $600 with the airbags deployed. Went to a local shop to restitch back up for $200 and look good as new.

First, you're going to have to remove/flatten the highlighted brackets under rails. These seats are a little too wide so I also notched out the transmission tunnel support. Cut off the old mounting studs on the floor pan supports.
I welded a 3/16 x 1.5" flat bar from Home Depot as a cross member for the rear bracket to rest on the existing rear seat supports on the floor pan. The rear supports are lower than the front, so to get it level, I used a piece of 1.5" x 3/4" Kindorf. This gets welded to the rear floor pan supports. Since the Kindorf has pre-drilled oval holes, I transferred those locations to the flat bar I welded on the seat, drilled 2 holes in that and now you can bolt the rear supports down to mark where the studs needs to go in the front.

The front was a little more tricky. The seat tracks are wider than the existing floor pan supports in the front, and if yours were like mine, they needed some help anyway. My passenger sides were rusted and driver side stud has broken off and mangled up the sheet metal a little. So to keep it uniform, I used more of that 3/16 flat bar ontop of what was already there.
I drilled holes in the flat bar and put a 5/16 x 1" bolts though it, welded it in place and grinded the back flat. Now you have studs to weld ontop of your floor pan supports with a meatier chunk of metal underneath for support.
I drilled out the existing "rivets" on the front tracks of the seat, this is where the 5/16 bolt with come up through. I mocked it in place, and traced out where the front studs need to be welded in place. Once that is welded in place, bolt it down, add 12v and you now how nice power seats in your Monte!

Hopefully this helps someone!