For some of us the car season will be slowing down as cooler weather will soon invade the NE. This Sat is two bigger shows, Duryea Day in the morning and our local downtown show in the evening, both a 500 car field. As car guys you need to know who Duryea was. He is enamored every year at several event in this area.

There is a hillclimb race locally commemorating him, his car. I have attended that event many times, my son has raced it several times. Anyways, that's Duryea, and why I support that car show also.

Back on track. Sept 24 is Cecil County Raceway Buick meet. Anyone down in that Cecil County Area should mosey over there and see a lot of our big sisters, the Buicks. Mostly 4th Gen, GN GNX, and TR well represented, maybe 60+, mostly all nice, and better, Then there are the 1st, 2nd and feeble 3rd sisters. They are the really fast Buick's making passes, old school 10s.
I take my car and will make 2, 3 or maybe 4 passes to see how it pulls in 3rd and 4th. At that event have made a couple passes just about every time now. You watch the tach, the A/F gauge as you pass the 1320 mark, then pickup the time slip and look at the mph. You can tell exactly how good or bad it is. With well over 100 1/4 miles passes on this car/engine 114 mph is a good day. It's only a truck engine.

This evening booked my next and probably last autox event of this season, Oct 1 in Harrisburg. Again registered myself and my son co- driving the car. This will be our fifth time doubling down on the car. Last year two events we made 30 runs on the car. This year two events to date 32 runs and now booked 16 next month, 48
this year plus 30 last year. that 80 runs in a 16 months.
Need to keep in mind tires for this toy car. These Falken RT660 I understand don't maintain the same performance as they get "used up". This is the second full season of heat cycling at events. I have no idea when you know they are no longer as advertised.

Today all four tires were pulled and washed in the sink, I have a big sink. After every event they are rotated, actually directional, the tread inspected to see how they are wearing. It's kinda pointless to use my tread depth gauge on them, basically a slick the grooves can only give you a visual measurement. Very happy actually how both front and rear tire tread is wearing. Despite all the toe out and neg camber i run the fronts looked good, even wear across the tread, no graining on the surface to speak of. When you remove a front tire and it will free stand square to the floor, when it's a big fat tire that has been beat on a little that says a lot about adjustments that cause wear.

Noticeably the tread of the rear tires shows how during excessive rear roll the inside of the tire could be helping the outside 1/2 of the tread more. Even the wear triangles tell you that on the insides. Other that that no graining or unusually areas.
Moving the rear tires forward will even out that wear a little.

I know to get the most out of these 200 tires you could dismount them and install them on the opposite side of the car. Effectively this moves the inside edge of the tire and is now on the outside edge. i think that may be a good idea for someone who would make 80 runs on that tires in a short period of time. For me at two years i think the tire heat cycling, the formation of the cording is set in stone for me. Run then until they go bald, and don't get caught in the rain.

Couple more car shows, couple passes at the track and 16 runs more at the autox. Still need about 500 miles on the car to hit my 2k+ goal every year.
Happy motoring.