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Most of these links are stale but $5k-$6k for an MC, and especially an MCSS, have me pining about "the good old days." Nowadays, most halfway decent MCSSs are going for $20k-$30k and even more. It seems like right about five years ago, the supply of G bodies hit close to zero, and now they're worth almost as much as new cars.

Upflying, if you're still reading, can you give a list of things to do to these cars to make them as theft-resistant as possible? (I'm thinking most likely in a new thread.)

I'm still here, I check in occasionally. The best anti-theft advice for your MCSS is a garage. I am always with it when it is out in public. Never take it to school, go shopping or commute to work in it. It is a collector car, use another car for a daily driver. If you can, carry a CW and avoid driving in high crime areas where you could be car jacked. Dont leave it unattended at gas stations and be aware of your surroundings, Go through a red light to get away from a criminal trying to jack you. Dont take it out at night.
If it is stolen, agreed value insurance is a must. I also installed a GPS tracker in my MCSS. Watch your six for suspicious people following you.

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