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#1069429 - 02/01/21 10:15 PM Will the real LT5 please stand up  
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Nice video on the original LT5 in the Vette. An engine you never see in anything but a 1990-1995 Grand Sport. Even the Northstar occasionally make it into a car.

My 86 has a 1991 Grand Sport connection. Was searching for my virgin, black, no t-top, gray interior SS in 91. One of our car dealer sales reps (newspaper) said there was an 86 SS sitting on the showroom floor at the local Chevy dealership. No way it's 5+ years old but sure enough there it was, smack dab at the front door, 9200 miles and pristine, never in the rain, 50 bucks down and it was mine. Turns out the previous owner bought it for his collection of a 1/2 dozen cars. Sitting in the back corner of the floor for months was a very expensive new red 1991 Grand Sport. The SS owner traded the SS in on the GS. At time the Grand Sport was a very expensive Corvette, well, still is. A 1990's GS could easily go for mid 40s.

Two decades earlier, 1970 1/2, Z-28 , 4 spd and an LT1 sitting on that same showroom floor. Just coming out of a 62 Nova with a roller cammed 302, 4spd, 4.88s. Loved the look of the Z but had a issue with knee to dash clearance pushing the clutch pedal. Still have a soft spot for that 70 1/2. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. A year later bought a 72 Chevelle SS with an auto and the detuned 350. Had that car 18 years till the son totaled it on a icy July night. A gold 85 Monte CL filled the daily driver void until that 86 SS came along a year later.

Anytime an LT engine pops up I'm always interested, The LT has been around for 50 years in several versions. LT1 in 1970, LT5 in 90, LT 1 in 93, LT4 in 96, LT1 in 2014, now LT4 and LT5 in. Sometimes hard to follow the bouncing ball. But all good performer in there day.

#1069435 - 02/02/21 05:14 PM Re: Will the real LT5 please stand up [Re: mmc427ss]  
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An icy July night? That sounds like a good story... I'm getting to the age when the statute of limitations is up on telling my high school idiot stories to my dad. Turns out he knew portions of a lot of them already ("I knew you blew up a tire doing a burnout, but it was in the school parking lot at lunch time?!?"), but he's still surprised at some others. And in turn, I'm hearing more of his 70's high school stories, too.

Yeah, that's one of those engines that almost gets forgotten about, but was a really cool development. I think the follow up to that engine was pitted against the prototype LS engine, and we know how that one turned out. One became the newest small block, and the other morphed into the Northstar/Aurora program and might have kept a cam bearing and an oil pan bolt the same, but everything else changed...


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#1069452 - 02/03/21 02:51 PM Re: Will the real LT5 please stand up [Re: mmc427ss]  
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I appreciate the history of the LT5, I was busy with career, education, mortgage, family and children during that time, never paid much attention to C4 Corvettes back then.
Must be why I am a MCSS fan, reliving a time in my life I missed out on.

86 MCSS Notchback coupe, LS3, 4L65E, QP 9", Eaton Truetrac, 4 wheel disc, column shift, Dakota Digital, silver with maroon bench interior

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