Has anyone ever pulled the wires out of the front turn signal sockets? I got a new harness with relays for the head lights for gmachinz but the 1157 sockets never really fit the bulbs right. I had go through all my old spares to find 1 that fit correctly. I want to switch to LED and the bulbs I just bought don’t fit the socket correctly either. I kept my old sockets with wires coming off them and the new LEDs fit perfectly. I’d prefer to pull the plugs apart and just swap the socket body but I don’t have any spares to use for practice.

Anyone ever pull the wires out of these? I can solder but like I said, would prefer to pull wires and not splice for the cleanest wiring.

I’m guessing I pinch the ground connector and it probably pulls out the back but what about the other 2 wires? Are there keepers I need to look out for like regular spade plugs?


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