SMCC T-Shirts & Event Pictures!

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SMCC T-Shirts & Event Pictures! - 10/24/07 02:58 AM

Ever wonder what goes on at a SMCC meet?
Now you can at least see the pictures all in one place!
This will be a collection of pictures from more than 1 person so duplicates may arise.

If you have any pictures of any events you would like to share please send me a PM.
I hope everyone enjoys looking thru these.
Posted By: MC87SS

SMCC T-Shirts & Event Pictures! - 04/07/08 09:59 PM

Thanks to Tony the SMCC shirts are now complete and ready to order!

There are a few options:
- You can get either a Notch back or an Aerocoupe.
- The shirts themselves are available in either White or Ash Grey.
- Ladies shirts with a Notch or Aero can be on a White or Pink shirt.
There is nothing on the backs of the Ladies shirts, unless you want them like the guys (large image on back, small on front) Just send an E-Mail to Tony immediatly after the order is placed.

Here is the link to order:

SS Aerocoupe on Ash-Grey Sample:

SS Notch on White:

Shirt layout:

Ladies Shirt layout:

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